Lean transported to the US

TXM Lean Solutions is one of the leading lean manufacturing coaching companies in the Asia Pacific region. The company’s innovative application of lean principles and thinking provides solutions that yield sustainable, breakthrough improvements in operational performance. TXM’s customers include major global corporations and small- and medium-sized enterprises in a broad range of industries.

TXM Lean Solutions is heading to the US to assist businesses to grow by applying lean manufacturing methods to address a range of problems.

Ron Spiteri, Director of TXM in the US and Senior TXM consultant, Theron DeBella are bringing the Lean approach to the US.  “Small and medium sized businesses in manufacturing and distribution in the US are experiencing significant growth and recognise their need to improve operational efficiencies” says Ron Spiteri on his recent US trip.

“Small and medium sized manufacturing is growing in the US and the trend is no longer to transfer manufacturing to China or Mexico as costs there have significantly increased. As businesses have grown they have become more complex and now need help if they are to continue to grow” says Ron.

The problems faced by growing manufacturers in the US are the same as in Australia. How to make small and medium size manufacturers (SMEs) to grow revenue and profits and carve out a sustainable niche in the globalised market place is a global challenge.

Utilising TXM’s Lean techniques has helped many Australian manufacturing businesses to improve product flow, productivity and safety, enabling them to grow their businesses more effectively.

The tailored Lean approach that TXM Lean Solutions employs differentiates TXM to others in the field who use a more standard approach through training or working with individuals.

The Lean approach that is characteristic of TXM’s successful formula in overhauling unproductive factory systems is now explained in a new book by Tim Mclean, Managing Director of TXM.  His book Grow Your Factory – Grow Your Profits; Lean for Small and Medium-Sized Manufacturing Enterprises is published by Productivity Press. This book is based on Tim’s 26 years of experience working in manufacturing. Through this book he unravels TXM’s successful approach of using Lean manufacturing thinking in practice and how it is applied with case studies on the factory floor.