Practical 5s


Practical 5S Mantra

Practical 5S Mantra

TXM Practical 5STM is a foundation element of operational performance and a powerful waste reduction tool. P5S™ is a proven and practical way to improve the organization of a workplace by achieving and maintaining good housekeeping standards and readiness disciplines. It identifies a place for everything and demands behavior to maintain the defined order and operating condition of tools, equipment, and facilities. A work environment that maintains their P5STM disciplines generally exhibits superior performance in safety, quality, operating efficiency, overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), and agility.

The Elements of P5S:

P5S Diagram

  1. SORT OUT what is in the area to determine what is needed, what can be stored elsewhere and what can be disposed of.
  2. SET IN ORDER the area by determining a place for everything and putting everything in its place.
  3. SHINE AND CHECK the area by giving it a thorough clean to set a new benchmark for cleanliness and to reveal the sources of dirt.
  4. STANDARDISE the workplace by establishing standards and procedures to constantly maintain the standard of the area.
  5. SUSTAIN the change through agreeing processes to implement ongoing improvements & audit results. This establishes a culture of continuous improvement.


The Benefits of the TXM Practical 5STM APPROACH:

  • A simple, practical system for workplace organisation that delivers sustained results.
  • Engages and empowers front line teams while making them accountable for compliance.
  • Equips your business with easy to understand tools and techniques that you can extend across your different areas of your organization.
  • Provides your business with an effective starting point for workplace standards, standard work, autonomous maintenance and reduction in set up time.

Practical 5S Delivers Benefits to your Bottom Line:

  • Up to 15% increased productivity time by reducing movement waste and “looking time”.
  • Safety is improved by eliminating hazards, resulting in up to 30% reduction in the injury rate.
  • Increased employee morale and reduced turnover.

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